Scientific Archives of Kidney, Urology and Nephrology Research

Scientific Archives of Kidney, Urology and Nephrology Research (SAKUNR) is a peer-reviewed scientific platform for emerging interdisciplinary field of Kidney, Urology and Nephrology research. It emphasizes mainly on different aspects of Urology and Nephrology research which includes Urolithiasis, Hemodialysis, Urologic oncology, Renovascular diseases, Chronic kidney disease, Infertility, dialysis and Translational nephrology. Scientific Archives of Kidney, Urology and Nephrology Research aims to be a hub for all primary medical and scientific discussions for Clinicians, Doctors and Researchers in the fields of Urology and Nephrology research to aid them in our unified aim of propelling the quality of human life. SAKUNR primarily focuses on the interrelationship between research in Urology, Nephrology and different kidney related problems like Kidney failure, Urolithiasis, Chronic kidney disease, Kidney infection and acute kidney injuries.

Aim and Scope:

Major subject areas of interest in Kidney, Urology and Nephrology research include: Endourology, Reconstructive Urology, Renal hypertension, Urinary tract stones, Pediatric urology, Urinary tract dysfunction, Imaging and Radiology, Vasculitis, Acute kidney injuries, Andrology, Clinical Nephrology, Female urology, Hemodialysis, Urolithiasis, Dialysis, Urologic oncology (Renal, Prostate, Penile, Testicular, Bladder and various urinary, kidney related cancers), Uro-radiology Impotence, Prostatitis, Reconstructive surgery, Electrolyte disorders, Incontinence, Renovascular diseases, Glomerular diseases, Chronic-kidney disease, Osmoregulation. Nephropathy, Genito-urinary medicine, Renal transplantation, Sexual and Erectile dysfunction, Experimental and translational nephrology, Neurourology, Renal nutrition, Urodynamics, Uro-pharmacology, Kidney pathology, Renal dietetics, Fertility and Infertility, Voiding dysfunctions, Kidney transplantation, Onconephrology, Immune-mediated kidney diseases, Renal Calculi, Ciliopathy. The journal strives to support the scientific community by publishing all the diversified topics that falls under the purview of Kidney, Urology and Nephrology Research.

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